Sunday, 11 February 2018

Simply Mindy 2.8.0 / 3.0.0 Preview / Poll Winner

Late build again. I spent a lot of time this week messing with programming in an attempt to streamline the combat and get rid of a bunch of problems. So. Yeah. Sorry it took so long to get the freebie version up.


This week's public release is basically a .gif dump, filling in a bunch of jobs that required more animations. The following were slotted into this dump:

- Two new animations for Shay (Ghostings and Darkly);
- Four new Modelling animations (Ghostings and Darkly);
- Two new Cosplay animations (Darkly);
- Two new Camwhore animations (Darkly);
- Two new Farmer animations (Darkly); and
- Two new Mascot animations (Darkly). Whooooole lotta Darkly.

That finishes off a bunch of jobs. This build also fixes the door for HardBeast (noticed by many) and the maze (noticed by few), among other things.

No More Browsers

Let's face it, Flash is on its way out. I know it, you might know it, and eventually, everybody's gonna know it. I've gotten a ton of complaints about lag on the browser version only in the past, and getting the game to work on browsers has been an oft-recurring problems for months. As such I'm no longer going to embed Simply Mindy onto the devblog. The download link is there; please use that from now on.

Not sure how to run the game? Or need to port over your save? Check the FAQ button at the top of the screen. There's a link on there for getting a standalone (debugger) version of Flash, as well as info for porting over your save games. And, yes, I can't stop you from downloading the .swf and just playing it on your browser anyway, but I highly, highly recommend you just get a standalone version of Flash.



The Patreon version of Simply Mindy is not, as of this writing, up yet. Sigh. is now up. Yay! You can expect the following changes:

- The end of the Camwhore storyline;
- Three new sexy animations from the star of the Camwhore storyline;
- A new ending (yes, just one, for once);
- A bunch of new and revamped moves for the combat system, as well as a general overhaul of the combat mechanics to give enemies more variety;
- More items;
- More Titles; and
- Substantial changes to the ending bonuses. You get a lot more bang for your buck with a lot of 'em.

$2. Man, that's so cheap.

Poll Winner

What can I say, folks think shower sex is hot. Throw in Seu - for $3 - and you've got a swag combo.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The HardBeast's door is broken.

Would've answered this question earlier but the comments from the devblog keep getting shuffled into my spam folder. Sorry.

As I mentioned in the release notes for the previous build the doors got borked, and though I repaired the vast majority of them the door for the HardBeast's lair is currently broken. Missed it when I was jury-rigging the rest of them. As such the beast quest isn't currently completable, and you'll just get stuck in its room. Obviously I forgot to put that in the release notes for 2.7.5.

As of 2.8.0 the door thing has been fixed, so just skip the quest for now and do something else. In a couple days 2.8.0 will go up and the door will be fixed. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Simply Mindy 2.7.5 / 2.9.0 Preview / Poll Results

Oooo, the big day. Soo makes her comeback. Are you ready for dis?

Preemptive Disclaimer

First off I should warn y'all that this build was a royal pain in the ass. I was forced to make a swap to a newer version of Stencyl, and doing so broke a few things. Notably the doors in the dungeons. I more or less fixed 'em, but they're less precise than they used to be. So. Be prepared for that.

The fix also made Simply Mindy a bit... temperamental, I found, when played in a browser. When I was testing it before it wouldn't retain my save game on Chrome. Checking now, it did keep the save game. I dunno. Regardless, I highly recommend you all stop playing it through the browser - yes, I know, I still have an embedded version up, for some reason - and just download the thing. Get a nice standalone version of Flash and play from your desktop. Or, perhaps, a folder hidden deep in your computer.

Browsers don't like Flash anymore. Just... save yourselves the pain.


Anyway! This build is pretty big, and though it has the usual two-path storyline things change more than usual if you go one way over another. I tried to emulate the faction wars-style play of Bethesda games in this one, and depending on which of Soo's jobs you pursue more fervently - and how you answer questions in the cut scenes - you may end up with her as a lover, or... someone else. Here's what you can expect outta this build:

- Eight new lover animations, shared between Soo and the new guy;
- A branching storyline with a fair number of possibilities - remind me not to try that again any time soon, it was a bitch to do;
- A sort of prep quest that will take you all over the game looking for stuff, regardless of which faction you back;
- If you side with Soo, a tower defence-style mini game, because I wanted to experiment;
- A battle if you don't side with Soo, three guesses who you'll be fighting; and
- A whopping seven new endings. Five are related to Soo and the other dude, two are related to the two jobs that trigger all of this (Prostitute and Arm Candy). One of the endings requires a very specific sequence of events to find, and I look forward to your complaints.

It was fun to write Soo again. She's such a goof compared to Mindy.

2.9.0 Preview

Thanks to a big 'ol poll, my Patreon decreed that Emm, owner of the dungeon shop, would be the next NPC to get the storyline treatment. Consequently, 2.9.0 nets you:

- A branching storyline starring Emm, who is more important than you might think;
- Three new sexy sleepover animations;
- Three new endings; and
- Two new battles. Image above unrelated, I swear.

$2? Oh man, yes. Only $2.

Poll Results

I wanted to see how a redux Mindy would look, using the slightly-higher-quality sprites I've been employing for the Patron bonuses.

... I think she turned out okay. Don't you? $3!

Friday, 12 January 2018

Simply Mindy 2.6.0 / 2.8.0 Preview / Poll Winner

It's that time again. Let's get started.


This week's freebie build has three new features which I brought in to give players a little alternative for building up their stats.

- First up are Minor Crises. Minor Crises pop up on the main city hub page from time to time (it's pretty obvious when they do), and when encountered present Mindy with, well, a minor crisis. You're given a situation, allowed to choose between three stats to resolve it, and see what happens. Succeed and you get a little prize; fail and you get a little penalty. Either way you get some cheeky animations. These will work into some of the storylines (already have worked into Soo's storyline in 2.7.0), but for the most part you can avoid Minor Crises completely if you're not keen on the idea.

- Next are Titles. If you click on Mindy's face on the main hub screen you'll be taken to a new screen where you can choose a Title for Mindy. Titles will give Mindy little bonuses when she sleeps. Note that these effects are negated under weird circumstances (story-based, usually) or if Mindy hasn't paid her rent. Titles are usually earned through end game bonuses, and when they're unlocked once they're unlocked for good 'n all.

- Last is another 'school' NPC (I want to give her a unique backdrop some day) who will allow you to swap stats for stats at a 2:1 ratio. You can also purchase some Titles from her. (And, naturally, she has been worked into the sexy-sexy animations in 2.8.0, specifically in Modelling.)

Also, a bunch of little fixes for past problems. There are always more bugs to root out and stomp.

2.8.0 Preview

I was deep-diving in code a lot this week, so I set the storylines aside for a bit and focused my non-programming efforts on new animations. Filled in a bunch of gaps in the lineup, including:

- Two new animations for Shay at the school;
- Four new Modelling animations;
- Two new Camwhore animations;
- Two new Farming animations;
- Two new Cosplay animations; and
- Two new Mascot animations.

It's a solid lineup. I think Mindy looks good in the Team Rocket outfit. Even if the iconic 'R' never makes an appearance.

A heads-up in advance to would-be Patreon subscribers that last week's build was a bit of a shitshow because of a change in Stencyl versions with unanticipated consequences (a lot of stuff broke), and much of this build focused on fixing what went wrong. Just sayin', things that worked before may be a bit janky, though I've gone to lengths to address the issues. You won't have any troubles getting at the new animations, at the very least.

Poll Winner

Whoops. Forgot to preview last build's poll thing. Ah well. It was Metroid-related.

Anyway! THIS build's $3 patron-exclusive animation bundle was a bit unique. I gave my patrons a bunch of polls, and the results helped me cobble together a new female character. Behold Lady Tang, insidious pirate captain of the Sooniverse. And, yes, I've incorporated her into Simply Mindy in a little cameo. Will probably give her a bigger role in a future game, whenever that might happen.

Wanna see her get nailed now? Well, hey, it's only $3...

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Simply Mindy 2.5.0 / 2.7.0 Preview / Fanart Finally

Sorry for lateness, guys. Seems like it happens a lot, lately. Mixture of weird personal stuff (my grandmother kicked my laptop down a flight of stairs and broke it?), the holidays, and the game becoming increasingly complex.


At long last, contests are fully-implemented in this build. All four of the seasonal contests are up and running. They include:

- The usual wet t-shirt contest, with some new contestants;
- A button-tapping, cum-rising, heat resisting contest;
- A modeling contest, where you pick an outfit and a pose for Mindy and she does the rest; and
- A quiz. Get questions wrong and Mindy gets dipped into a vat of tentacles. Guess what happens to her then.

Aside from a little glitch in the quiz where some of the questions don't appear (which has been fixed in a later build), it's all good. There's also a new ending tied to the contests, because of course there is, and the next build has two more contest-related endings.

2.7.0 Preview

Not up yet, as of this message, but soon. It's a complicated one.

2.7.0 is a Soo-centric build, so fans of Soo Cubus should get a kick outta this one. It covers the Prostitute and Arm Candy storylines, which squirm together and build into a battle against another NPC. Choose your faction based on decisions made throughout the two storylines and see who comes out on top. This build includes:

- Two heavily-related storylines that come together and interweave;
- A new NPC to face off against Soo (no, not that dude above, he's just involved);
- Eight (!) new sleepover sexy-sexy animations for Soo and the newcomer, depending on which side you ultimately choose for Mindy;
- Seven new endings, five related to the Soo stuff, two for the Arm Candy and Prostitute jobs alone; and
- A basic tower defence minigame that pops up if you side with Soo. If you don't you instead get a battle, which is less interesting, but still a thing.

It's still underway, but I'm hoping to have this bad boy up before I go to bed tonight. Barring that, sometime later today (Sunday). So if you jump on Patreon to get it, you might need to wait a little while.

Guy Gin!


Yep, I'm a dick. I finally got around to posting the fanart that has been accumulating for the last few months. I've sent messages to everyone who sent the pics along, and posted 'em on the fanart page. I'll made a more concerted effort to wade through the ridiculous amount of email in my inbox on a regular basis so these don't slip through the cracks again.

If you sent art and I missed it, please resend it. I promise I'll be good this time maybe.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Simply Mindy 2.4.0 / 2.6.0 Preview / Poll Results

Oh my god, I got it done on time this week. Kinda. If 4 am-ish is considered 'on time'. I dunno. When you're your own boss the lines about that shit get kinda fuzzy.

Simply Mindy 2.4.0

This week's public build revolves entirely around JizzBiz, the blind-blonde-bombshell who, uh, 'runs' Hell's gloryholes. I guess you can run a gloryhole. You get the usual bunch of shiznit with her:

- Four new sexy animations with JizzBiz if you make her a 'lover', though there's a bit of a spin on that this time 'round;
- A branching storyline, which, again, is a bit different from the norm - you'll see what I mean when you get into it; and
- Four new endings. Three for JizzBiz, one for the Gloryhole job.

Yep. Sounds standard, operates a bit differently. JizzBiz has been neglected for a good long while, so hopefully y'all enjoy the conclusion of her story. (Her sisters get in on it a bit, too, if you like the whole family.)

Simply Mindy 2.6.0 Preview

This week's Patreon build adds a few new features to the game, one of which involves the images above:

- First up are Minor Crises. Minor Crises are semi-daily stat challenges that allow Mindy to battle everyday life in Hell. You encounter a crisis, you pick one of three stats to resolve it, you see how you do. There are different animations dependant on how well it all goes. And yes, the three peeps above are from the Minor Crises. Not a massive addition, but fun - and an alternative for building up your stats.
- Second are Titles. Titles are items, of sorts, which grant bonuses when equipped. Most of them at the moment grant Mindy an extra point in a particular stat when equipped, again, as an alternative means of stat building over simple grinding. Titles can be either purchased or won via ending bonuses.
- Third is Carla, a semi-schooling NPC who allows you to both swap stats (2:1 ratio) and purchase Titles. And yes, Carla will probably appear in sexy scenes in the future. I wouldn't throw a girl into the game and not show her having sex at some point.

Oh, and two more endings. Just because.

That's that. Whaddya waiting for? $2 is so little.

Poll Results

Last week's poll looked inward, and I gave my precious Patrons the option to choose between a whole bunch of Sooniverse girls. Top three wound up in a threesome together.

So... they chose... Mindy... and another version of Mindy... and a girl who might as well be Mindy.


At least I know Mindy is popular, yeah?

Build Schedule / Apologies

Another month-long build time is coming up, so the next build release is gonna be late in December, four weeks from now. Holidays, you know. Not much point trying to cram in a smaller build. That said, the next one is going to be a double-decker storyline for Soo, so that'll be fun.

I also need to apologize to those who have sent me fanart. My email account gets a few dozen emails every day, and several fanart messages got buried in all the Patreon stuff. I'm going to update the devblog a bit over the holidays, and once I do I'll add the fanart. Again, many apologies to those of you who submitted art. It's all pretty swag stuff.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Simply Mindy 2.3.0 / 2.5.0 Preview / Poll Results

Sorry for lateness, guys. 2.5.0 ran me into some severe overtime. Finally got done with those damned contests, though... more on that below. First!


The newest public build is good for job-lovers, as it's the final job! Huzzah! This one casts Mindy as a geisha in the house of a burly ol' feudal lord with nice pecs. You get the following:

- All eight goddamned season animations - not sure if I've ever managed to do that in a single build before;
- The first chunk of the NPC story associated with the newest guy; and
- The ability to make said newest guy into a lover, along with one animation.

I'm looking forward to finishing this particular story up. It gives not only one of the (in my opinion) neater NPCs lots to do, it also gives Lil D a lot to do. And I do so enjoy writing Lil D. He's such an asshole.

2.5.0 Preview

Y'know that cut scene that you probably all skip over by now that takes you into a wet t-shirt contest? Good news: the cut scene is gone! The wet t-shirt contest is still there, though, and it's accompanied by three more seasonal contests! The new contests in 2.5.0 include:

- An Overheating contest, where Mindy and another contestant try to hold out against the irrepressible heat of rising jizz;
- A Modelling contest, where you pick a costume (like the one above, my personal favourite) and a pose for Mindy and watch her strut about against other competitors for points; and
- A Quiz contest that will test your knowledge of the Sooniverse. Mindy is suspended over a pit of happy tentacles, and the more questions you get wrong, the closer she gets to slimy happy time.

Also, the wet-t contest. It has two more competitors. That is also a thing. Shiny tits, anyone?

Patreon. Right now. You know the scam. Do it up.

Poll Results

Last week's poll was all about anime girls, and the winner was a classic: Bulma, from Dragonball. Thus, she got a buncha animations of herself in different hairstyles, boffing a variety of DB/Z/S alumni.

All the more poignant since her Japanese VA just died.

So... uh...

That's... awkward. Still, spank material?