Sunday, 29 April 2018

Simply Mindy: The Non-Hiatus

Hey hey. This affects you guys less, but it's still important. I've been working on the finale of Simply Mindy for the last month, and though the due date is still five days away I'm almost 100% confident that the ending will not be complete on time. I got a new puppy and he's eating up huge chunks of my days, and until he becomes a bit less clingy I won't be getting as much work done as usual.

I don't know when I'm going to get the finale done exactly, but I anticipate somewhere in mid-May. Don't quote me on that. This means that new freebie builds for Simply Mindy are also on hold for the moment. So don't hold your breath on new ones here for a little bit.

I've also made the decision to pause my Patreon for the month of May. I want to take some pressure off to get the game done in a timely fashion and do it right rather than adhering to a strict schedule. So if you were planning on contributing to Patreon soon... well, you should wait until June. It'll reactivate then.

Now, as a small teaser for the finale...

... it's going to be a bit different from the normal game. A bit. But also quite expansive, so hopefully worth the wait.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Simply Mindy 3.2.0 / 3.4.0 Fuckup

Goddamn. The last week and a bit was fucking ridiculous. But more on that in a bit.


Sound! 3.2.0 adds a flurry of new sound effects to the game, including the following:

- Music tracks for all situations, some created by me, some by another dude whom I paid;
- More moans for Mindy;
- Alternate moans for the other girls;
- Sound effects for spells and attacks; and
- A few other small audio touches.

Please bear in mind that Stencyl is a little touchy with looping MP3s, so the loops are not perfect. I'm still workin' on 'em. Nevertheless, it's amazing how much the experience changes when the game has proper sounds plugged in.


Ever have one of those weeks where nothing goes right?

Well. Last week wasn't quite one of those weeks - I now have a puppy, and he's too awesome to be wrong - but everything else went tits-up. I was forced to puppy-proof my apartment way earlier than normal, my wife got mugged, we needed to get her a new phone, jackasses at my IP got an internet upgrade appointment very wrong... and, to cap it all off, my goddamned computer died on Sunday. Yes, the one I use to make Simply Mindy. I've been using my wife's computer all damned week.

Bad week. But good puppy. So... conflicted.

Anyway. Rather than doing a build I decided to just focus on animated .gifs this week, which was part of my plan for the build anyway, and finish up the schooling and job animations. Throw $2 at my Patreon and you get access to thirteen brand-new sexy-sexy animations. And, when I do get the build up (probably on Monday, when my laptop is slated to arrive - did I mention that the fucking post office was a week late delivering my package?), you'll get that! Seems win-win to me, honestly.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

That goddamned Soo ending

I have seen a number of posts (and gotten a number of requests) regarding one of Soo's endings in Simply Mindy. I knew people would have trouble with it - I kinda made it that way - but I underestimated just how bent y'all are on getting every damn ending.

ANYWAY. Here's the process, which I'll also toss on the FAQ. I don't like to spoil my games, so don't expect this too often.

- Do the first two Arm Candy cut scenes by doing the job enough times, making sure not to get your Cleanliness above 30;
- During the second cut scene agree to work for Pimpy;
- Do the first two Prostitute cut scenes;
- During the second cut scene choose 'Pimpy' when prompted;
- Raise your Strength and Durability to 40;
- Agree to help backstab Soo in the next cut scene when prompted;
 - Wait a few days.

The key is to not raise your Cleanliness too much. Otherwise you go too far down one of the other paths.

I'm probably going to clean this ending up a bit as there seem to be a few issues with one of the steps. Nevertheless, if you want that one ending (you know the one, and if you don't you'll know it when you start playing Soo's scenario), this is how you get it.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Simply Mindy 3.1.0 / 3.3.0 Preview / Poll Results

Ahoy hoy, lowly mortals. New build - and early, to boot. Blame a weekend-long family outing that'll force me to get up early tomorrow.


This week's build is another storyline bonanza, and it focuses on Middle D, the owner of Hell's Geisha... ry. Geishary. Sure. It's one of the last jobs you're likely to unlock, so it's a bit of a late-game bundle of stuff. The new content includes:

- Three new sexy-sexy sleepover positions with Middle D;
- A branching storyline that's a bit darker than some of the earlier ones; and
- Six new endings. Middle D's storyline gets five, the Geisha job gets one.

It's a fun, lengthy build with lots of talking. I know you all love talking. Love it. It also fixes a bunch of bugs, because my games are buggy as all hell.

3.3.0 Preview

As you may be able to surmise, the new Patreon build focuses on Gaspar, the last of the storyline NPCs. Which, yes, means we're getting damned close to the end of Simply Mindy. I'm only two Patreon builds away from doing the actual ending! Holy shnikes! Gaspar's build, in the meantime, features the following, which may sound familiar:

- Three new sleepover animations, including the one above, which I suspect was inspired by DBZ's Gotenks;
- A branching storyline;
- A new fight; and
- Five new endings.

$2 is so cheap, you guys. So cheap. Plus you'll get all that sweet sound I put in the game in 3.2.0! I know, right?

Poll Results

Last week's poll was all about DC girlies, and a crapton of patrons apparently grew up with Teen Titans on their TVs. Consequently, I aged Raven up a few years and drew an animation of her getting nailed from two sides! At once! I thought it was good, anyway, and you can get the same thing - and more - with a mere $3. What a scam.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Simply Mindy 3.0.0 / 3.2.0 Preview / Poll Results

Jesus christ. It's 9 am where I am and I'm still up. I need better time management skills. That, or... I don't know. Something.


This build had two purposes. First, it provided the end of the Camwhore storyline, along with the following:

  • Three more sexy sleepover animations with someone;
  • Some new cut scenes; and
  • Two new endings.
Always intended to be a fairly small storyline. Turned out well, though. 

The second half of the build, and the bulk, I'd say, went towards overhauling combat, both for my purposes and to make it more fun and robust. The changes include:
  • A few new enemy spells that will pop up in combat, which should please you pervs;
  • A greater role for status ailments;
  • Slightly smarter AI for a few of the enemies (though they're admittedly still pretty stupid on the whole);
  • A bunch more Titles that are combat-related;
  • Some new items for combat; and
  • A few fancied-up attacks that were a bit lacklustre before.
Mostly an under-the-hood build, but with the end of the game approaching getting this shit outta the way becomes increasingly important.

3.2.0 Preview

As I confessed to my patrons, I was rather sick of drawing shit this week. As such I sought out an alternative form of work in the form of adding audio. And yes, there was audio before, but now there's a lot of audio. The new build includes:
  • Songs, both of my own invention and snagged from a dude who is a substantially better musician than I am;
  • Several alternative moaning voices for the game's other girls, where appropriate;
  • A few more moaning clips for Mindy (who knows if you'll even notice them);
  • A crap-ton of sound effects for combat, both sexy and otherwise; and
  • Fixes for the existing audio. Which, admittedly, was rather scant.
If you like hearing women moan you'll probably enjoy this build. And, hey, that shit cost me a pretty penny, so... if you'd like to help me rebuild my coffers... it's only $2...!

Poll Results

This week I was sick of drawing period. Last week I was just sick of pixel art. My solution was to let my patrons decide which Sooniverse girl should get a painted treatment. I was not the least bit surprised to see Mindy win. So, yes, $3, and you can see her in her full, sweaty, krita-d glory. So cheap!

Friday, 23 February 2018

Simply Mindy 2.9.0 / 3.1.0 Preview / Poll Results

Hey hey, early build today. Better than the late one last time, right? Yep, I'm right.


This week's freebie build centres on Emm, the owner of the little shop in the first dungeon. The first half of her storyline already exists; now the second half is yours to peruse. The update includes:

- A branching storyline, no surprise;
- Three new sexy animations with Emm, also no surprise;
- Two new boss battles which you can encounter in a few different ways; and
- Three new endings. I considered a dungeon-centric job ending, similar to the other jobs, but... goddamn. There are so many endings already. Enough, I say, enough.

The last few endings have had some strong ties to Soo Cubus, and this one is no exception. You'll probably get more outta this build if you've played the first game. If you haven't... well, there are still plenty of nude animations.

3.1.0 Preview

Despite being the last lover NPC to pop into existence, Middle D, here, always scores pretty high on my Patreon polls whenever I ask what I should work on next, so this build is for him. It has the following:

- Storyline;
- Three new sexy animations;
- A new combat animation, because I had a really weird idea late last night; and
- Six new endings. Six. Because, I guess, I like him too.

$2, man. $2. That is a steal.

Poll Results

Since I was falling behind last week I needed an easy poll idea for my patrons, and anime popularity polls are always... popular... yeah. So, naturally, a Dragonball character won AGAIN, and thus the franchise was barred from any future anime polls. Android 18! Sexy! Krillin gets lucky! $3! Woo!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Simply Mindy 2.8.0 / 3.0.0 Preview / Poll Winner

Late build again. I spent a lot of time this week messing with programming in an attempt to streamline the combat and get rid of a bunch of problems. So. Yeah. Sorry it took so long to get the freebie version up.


This week's public release is basically a .gif dump, filling in a bunch of jobs that required more animations. The following were slotted into this dump:

- Two new animations for Shay (Ghostings and Darkly);
- Four new Modelling animations (Ghostings and Darkly);
- Two new Cosplay animations (Darkly);
- Two new Camwhore animations (Darkly);
- Two new Farmer animations (Darkly); and
- Two new Mascot animations (Darkly). Whooooole lotta Darkly.

That finishes off a bunch of jobs. This build also fixes the door for HardBeast (noticed by many) and the maze (noticed by few), among other things.

No More Browsers

Let's face it, Flash is on its way out. I know it, you might know it, and eventually, everybody's gonna know it. I've gotten a ton of complaints about lag on the browser version only in the past, and getting the game to work on browsers has been an oft-recurring problems for months. As such I'm no longer going to embed Simply Mindy onto the devblog. The download link is there; please use that from now on.

Not sure how to run the game? Or need to port over your save? Check the FAQ button at the top of the screen. There's a link on there for getting a standalone (debugger) version of Flash, as well as info for porting over your save games. And, yes, I can't stop you from downloading the .swf and just playing it on your browser anyway, but I highly, highly recommend you just get a standalone version of Flash.



The Patreon version of Simply Mindy is not, as of this writing, up yet. Sigh. is now up. Yay! You can expect the following changes:

- The end of the Camwhore storyline;
- Three new sexy animations from the star of the Camwhore storyline;
- A new ending (yes, just one, for once);
- A bunch of new and revamped moves for the combat system, as well as a general overhaul of the combat mechanics to give enemies more variety;
- More items;
- More Titles; and
- Substantial changes to the ending bonuses. You get a lot more bang for your buck with a lot of 'em.

$2. Man, that's so cheap.

Poll Winner

What can I say, folks think shower sex is hot. Throw in Seu - for $3 - and you've got a swag combo.