Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Dungeon the third.

The third dungeon progresses well, and I figured I'd give y'all a small taste of what's to come. The next build (2.1.0? I think? Off the top of my head?) is gonna have:

- Five or six new basic monsters to boff;
- Around the same number of bosses (and I'm sure more will be added as I complete more storylines);
- More items;
- Mechanics I should've completed a while ago;
- Nudity. Surprise.

The geography is going to be somewhat similar to the first dungeon, at least outdoors, though the indoors is more regal lookin' than that crappy ol' church. It even has fancy torches with particle effects. I'm so proud of those torches.

... now, if only I could make mountains look less square... really need to work on that...

Monday, 28 August 2017

Simply Mindy 1.8.0 / 2.0.0 Preview / Hiatus

Howdy, y'all. Sorry for the late arrival. I wound up going waaaaay overboard on 2.0.0. We'll talk about that in a bit. First, the freebie.


This week's build brings in the second-to-last job in the game: a Cabaret / Burlesque establishment, meshed into a single monstrosity I call the 'Cabaresque'. I've typed that word so many times now that I think it's real. At any rate, you'll get the following in this build vis a vie the Cabaresque:

- A new NPC, and the first of her sexy sexy animations if you decide to woo her (which you should - this build has a 'No' option, and it leads to a stone wall);
- Six out of eight seasonal animations for the Cabaresque itself - turns out drawing sprites that sway seductively in circles is really damned hard, so I didn't get all of 'em done;
- The first bit of Cabaresque storyline; and
- Off to the side, the rest of Ink's sex animations. Remember Ink? The teacher in green? Really likes anal? He continues to like anal.

Also included are several fixes - the Seduction animations should all be fixed now, I added a clock to the dungeons so you get a better sense of how much time you have left, the spa background appearing in the gallery is fixed, and a bunch of other little things got fixes. I also cut down on the file size fairly substantially, so loading shouldn't take too long - thoooough with the latest builds it's creeping way back up there again. Mo animations, mo problems.

2.0.0 Preview

Hawt, right? Hawt.

Though I'm actually still working on the goddamned thing, 2.0.0 is on the verge of completion. Just testing the scenarios at this point. Should be done by the time most of you show up. I've barely slept in the last three days, and have lived off pop, toast, old noodles, and Cheetos. I think I can see through time.

2.0.0 is pretty fucking massive from a storyline standpoint, as it features not one but two completed storylines, both branching as usual. Newcomer Seu from the Cabaresque is now done, and good ol' Farmer John is also finished. You'll get the following if you chip into my Patreon:

- Nine new goddamned endings;
- Five new battles, two of which are incorporated into the DirtFeast brothel;
- Enough fresh witty / retarded writing to fit into a novel; and
- The tattered shreds of my sleep schedule. It is dust, my friends, dust.

Yep. Looks like a small list, but there's a looooot of extra game play in this one. If you enjoy my stupid stories, you should like this build. $2!


Yes, that dreaded word. WooooOooooOoo! Scary.

Don't worry. My hiatus is actually more of a vacation. September is only going to have one build, around this same time next month. Two reasons why:

- I need a fuckin' vacation. I'm beat. Especially after 2.0.0. I want to unhook for a while and not be a dirty, dirty dev. Four or five days completely disconnected from Simply Mindy should do.

- 2.1.0 is going to be the third dungeon. Considering all the shit I added to the combat system with the second dungeon, and all the other stuff besides, I imagine I'm going to need at least an extra week to get it up to spec. My level of spec, anyway, which is... something. So I'll skip the next build and just shove, like, three and a bit weeks' of work into 2.1.0. Should be lotsa fun.

Ayup. Hope y'all enjoy 1.8.0 in the meantime, and perhaps even 2.0.0, if you are kind enough to hurl some internet monies at me. Enjoy!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Delay delay delay.

For those hopefuls who are anxiously awaiting the next build, it won't be out until Sunday. Monday at the latest. Really hoping it doesn't come to Monday. Apologies, but the Patreon build is requiring a helluva lot of work. See you then.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Simply Mindy 1.7.0 / 1.9.0 Preview

Yo yo yo. Two weeks, new build, that's the score. Here's what to expect.


This week's version of Simply Mindy covers the storyline of Chico, proprietor of the Cosplaying job. It grants the usual plethora of new stuff:

- Branching storyline with two potential directions to go;
- Four new endings / ending animations, three of which relate to Chico's storyline and one to the Cosplaying job;
- All four sexy animations with Chico if you make him into Mindy's lover; and
- Expressions. For Chico. I like expressive characters.

Also included is an Items / Options screen where you can, among other things, disable some of the effects that commonly cause lag, along with a few other fixes. Ayup.

1.9.0 Preview

A lot of things behind the scenes went wrong this week - my drawing tablet crapped out a few hours ago, yaaaaaay - so this build turned into an animations-filled fuckfest. And that's what a lot of you are here for, so I guess that works, right? This includes:

- Three new sex animations for Seu, the bespectacled lass introduced in 1.8.0;
- Six new animations for the Arm Candy job;
- Four new animations for the Prostitute job (aren't they all the Prostitute job, really?); and
- Two new animations for Aember, including one that didn't make it into 1.8.0 even though it was done, so I guess technically three new animations

For a grand total of sixteen new animations. Not bad, eh? Eh? Especially since I pulled together half of 'em in the last three days? You know you want them now. You know it. Just $2, folks! Patreon waits!

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Simply Mindy 1.6.0 / 1.8.0 Preview / Flash is Defunct, Y'all

Heydy hey. New build time, as usual. We've got another new storyline this time 'round, so hold onto your butts.


This build revolves around Shirley, the landlady who keeps an eye on Mindy's rent. She was previously a one-animation lover, and now she has a full-on, branching story for you to play through. This includes the following:

- Four new endings, three related to Shirley and one for not paying rent;
- Three new sexy animations with Shirley; and
- A new battle. Because why not.

Before the comments start to fly, you can get at Shirley's storyline by not paying your rent for several days. No one remembers Shirley. Stupid Landlord in Soo Cubus never had this problem...

Also included are two new Ghostings animations for the Maid job, background characters for the Maid job (press the elevator button to make them appear); hints in the Endings Gallery to give you a small idea of how to get each one; and a bunch of little tweaks, including adjusting the Seduction animations for a bunch of the enemies. The next build (1.8.0) finishes them off.

Speaking of which...

1.8.0 Preview

In this brand-new instalment of Simply Mindy we jump into a new job! Took long enough. This one is a Cabaret / Burlesque kinda place, and Mindy will get to jump on stage in a corset and flaunt her goods. The girl above is her emcee, and, yes, her suspenders are inadequate to hide her nipples.

(Seu is actually repurposed from another portrait I drew waaaaaay back before the first build. The main difference is that Seu's breasts are much bigger. Hence...)

This build has the following:

- Six animations for the new job;
- One new animation for Seu, once you turn her into a lover (which means there is also a chunk of the storyline available);
- Four new animations for the School, three for Ink and one for Aember; and
- A whole buncha bug fixes.

Yep. Considering the number of times I got sidetracked the last two weeks I got a fair amount done. Two measly bucks and it is yours!

Flash is Defunct, Y'all

So Flash is dying. Didya know that?

I'm hardly surprised. Flash has been on the decline for years, now, and I knew when I started using Stencyl that its death was imminent. For the good, too - Flash is decent for what it is, but it has lots of security holes, and serious devs have been moving on to bigger and better things for a while now. Probably time I do the same.

I'm not sure when quite yet - maybe in October or November - I plan on taking a two-month-ish break from Simply Mindy in order to learn a new game-making program, most likely GameMaker. I've been eying it for a while now, and have it installed on my computer already. Just need to make the jump. So during that time frame I'm going to make a smaller, practice-run sexy game - I'm thinking a platformer - to get used to GameMaker.

This does not mean Simply Mindy is dead by any means. Stencyl has the capacity to port games to other platforms besides Flash... you just need to pay for a licence. When the time comes I will do this. And, honestly, I'd already planned on taking a Mindy break to try out GameMaker, and the news about Flash is just weird timing that forced my hand. I will finish Mindy, and it will be great, or at least it will be probably better than Soo Cubus. (Stylistically, at least, I'd say it already is.)

So yeah. News about all that shiznit will come in the next few months. In the meantime, have fun with Mindy.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Simply Mindy 1.5.0 / 1.7.0 Preview

Sorry for the lateness, guys. Keeps happening, I know... how dare I take an extra day... blame a big power outage. It fucked me over. I can't draw pixel tits in a coffee shop.


I was sick during the second week of this build - very sick - so I focused more on programming stuff. Hence you wind up with a build that is about evenly split between drawn stuff and vocalized moaning:

- The first big addition is that of little background dudes on the main menu. Each season now has five or six randomized background characters who will pop up and make things a little more interesting when you're between jobs. Gives the world a bit more flair. Mindy also changes positions when she's pondering atop her building, depending on the season, and she has more sexy partners which also change by the season. I'm slowly gonna add background guys to each of the jobs, as well.

- The second big addition is that of sounds. Mindy now moans a lot when she's having sex. Only Mindy moans, so don't expect to hear Shay or Cherry or whatnot vocalizing. Don't want everyone to have the same voice actress. There are sound controls under the Stats menu on the main screen; as of 1.7.0 they've been moved to a different screen.

This feature is in a semi-functional / 'meh' phase. It works well for some poses, not so much for others. I'm hoping to focus a lot of time on it for 1.8.0, 'cause some of Mindy's vocalizations just don't work all that well.  Probably need to shorten some of the sound clips.


Chico! This week's Patreon-only version jumps all over the dapper king of cosplay in Hell. Comes with the usual assortment of storyline stuff:

- A branching plot that goes in a few potential different directions;
- Four new endings / ending animations;
- Four sexy animations between Mindy and Chico (like the above);
- Four new animations for the Cosplaying job; and
- Little tweaks to other stuff.

It's a fun story with some implications for the future. Because, yes, even though there are lots of side stories and endings and shit, Simply Mindy does have an overarching plot. Gonna take a while before it really starts to rear its head, though.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Simply Mindy 1.4.0 / 1.6.0 Preview

Ahoy. I come bearing a new build, and this one is a pretty fun one, if I say so meself. (Well, okay, two builds, but ya gots ta pay for t'other.)


This week's public build focuses more or less exclusively on Skully, guard of the Walls. You'll get the following this time 'round:

- A branching storyline, more or less from start to finish;
- Four sexy animations between Skully and Mindy, assuming you decide to woo her;
- Four new endings, three related to Skully and one to just the Guard job in general; and
- Two new battles.


- Two new Ghostings animations for the Guard job;
- Fixed a few dungeon-related bugs;
- Fixed the placement of a few janky enemies during combat, though I know for a fact that I haven't got them all (some got address in 1.6.0 but I ran out of time); and
- Fixed up some quest log glitches.

It's a good'un, I daresay.


This is Shirley. Have you met Shirley before? Of course you have, you've watched the intro. Shirley's the landlady, and Mindy's relationship with her is the focus of this build. Don't worry if you're not a GILF-lover, either, as she gets much sexier if you play your cards right. Like, young and nubile sexy.

... though still a ghost.

This week's Patreon-exclusive build features the following:

- Three new sex animations with Shirley;
- A ton more storyline stuff;
- Four new endings;
- A new battle;
- Two new Maid animations; and
- Bug fixes. There are always bug fixes.

Yep. Patreon. $2. The price of a coffee for pixel bewbs a month early.