Saturday, 11 March 2017

Simply Mindy 0.6.0 / 0.8.0 Preview

Forgot to update last week again. Dammit.


- Added two new jobs, the Cosplayer and the Mascot. Both are outfit-related jobs, and Mindy's looks will change a lot for each of 'em. As such neither one has a 'default' set of clothes for cut scenes, and Mindy will look like a plain ol' ho when talking to the two new NPCs. Each job has two animations.

- Added storyline for one of those two NPCs. Hint hint: it's the more ghostly of the two. He gets a sexy animation with Mindy, and so, too, does the game's other ghost NPC (though unfortunately if you got that far before you'll need to start a new game and snag her again, as I forgot to set the flag up last time).

- Added spells. Mindy can cast spells. Yay! You can purchase spells outside the shop in the first dungeon. Each spell has its own little animation, and five of them are available right now.

- Changed up Mindy's sprite in the dungeon so she actually matches her damned combat outfit. Grumble grumble only I care about this grumble. Consistency grumble.

Yep. Mainly an aesthetic change, though there's enough game play to keep you going for a while. Now, if you want a beefier build, might I recommend...


You may have noticed, in the screenshot above, a slight difference in the normal layout scheme.

Yes. In 0.8.0., available exclusively to Patreon users for the next month, you can get yourself a Sinner's Orb and meet Mr. Moe. Which means there are now endings. Seven, to be precise. Seven. They include:

- A Time's Up ending;
- Two job-related endings;
- Three involving Froglord, everyone's favourite landlord; and
- One bad one involving a boss, which has been in the game since the last build but didn't amount to much.

Also? A gallery, with which you can view them once you've collected one or more. A gallery. You know that shit is worth two bucks. You just know it.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Simply Mindy 0.5.5 / 0.7.0 Preview


Oh my lulz. Look, a new build - and the primary addition this time 'round is the goddamned dungeon.

(Don't mind the extra .5. Things happened. We don't talk about them anymore.)

Yes, now you, too, can go exploring in the wilds and get into fights with evil, evil monsters. There are a few quests to do and plenty of vicious wildlife to bone. Some of it is a touch glitchy at this early stage, and the combat is rather barebones in this build (the next one has spells, as I recall), but there's still plenty to appease your genitals. Boost your physical stats - say, at the Farm - to unlock the dungeon.

The particulars:

- Five regular monsters to kill, and two bosses
- Item shop with a new storyline NPC
- Several (three, I think?) NPC quests spread 'round the dungeon
- Progression through Farmer John's quest, along with the ability to bone the ol' bastard
- Mindy gets to wander the overworld in the wrong outfit (fixed in the next build)

And... things. And stuff. It's up now. Go fuck up some monsters.

0.7.0 Preview

Y'know that dungeon I just gave you in the public build? In this build, it's bigger. And it has more monsters. And bosses. And storyline stuff. And that shopkeeper you met? The one with the brown-and-red hair and the cool gauntlets? You can bone her. I know, it's exciting. Patreon! Go do the Patreon!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

I have a penchant for making references to stuff I like.

The spells in the dungeon area (which you public folks will be getting in a scant few days) are all summons. In this case... he represents the Scan spell.

Because. Like. He has... a scanner. Get it? ooooohohohoho

It amuses me, anyway.

Yeah, yeah, it's a porn game. I hear you, you want titties. Here, have the sprite for the Quake spell as recompense. It makes more sense in context.

dragon dragon, rock the dragon, dragon ball zzzzzz

Sunday, 12 February 2017

0.4.0 derp. Blame Blogger.

For some reason Blogger decided to update the download link for 0.4.0, but it did not replace the url for the browser version. 0.4.0 is now up like it should be, browser fans. Sorry about that. (I'd say 'My bad', but... I distinctly remember doing that, so... Google's bad?)

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Simply Mindy 0.4.0 / 0.6.0 Preview

Oh, Saturday, sweet Saturday. What bringeth you to these tired eyes? Why, a new build, of course.


This week's public build is stuffed with all sortsa new stuff, including the beginnings of the story system that will guide players through each game of Simply Mindy. A brief listing of the highlights:

  • Two new jobs: Prostitute and Arm Candy. Both will unlock in the second year if you don't unlock them earlier via the proper stat spreads.
  • Added seasonal stat boosts. Which stats rise change based on the current season. I'll try to make these changes reflect the animations going forward, though no promises on accuracy. (I have a lot of animations to do before I'm done.)
  • Three new story arcs involving Froglord, Farmer John, and Shirley (the old lady landlord). Finding 'em necessitates doing things that would involve said characters, hint, hint. Proceeding far enough along Froglord's path can earn you a fancy overnight animation.
  • Added icons for Stamina and Mood. Mood doesn't function as a mechanic yet, but it will... some day...
  • Bug fixes. yay
Ayup. Go, go! It's up!


As for the patrons...
  • Two more jobs: Cosplayer and Mascot, each with two animations
  • The beginnings of the spell system for the dungeon sections, with five new animations
  • Two more overnight animations
  • Naughty messages for the Camwhore
All this and more (not a hell of a lot more, but more) on Patreon! Yay!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Dimlight City!

I said a while back that I was working on another game while plugging away on Simply Mindy, and the time has come to unveil that game. (I'm actually a week or so late. I am bad at social media-ing.) Thus, I present Dimlight City!

Currently in the funding stage - though the game is going forward whether the team hits its goal or not, so far as I know - Dimlight City is going to be a brothel-building title in a similar vein to, say, Simbro, albeit with a much more polished and complete look to it once it's released. You have complete freedom to assemble your brothel, gather a team of gals to service customers, complete missions, and, likely, masturbate to animates bewbs. Think a lewd version of SimTower.

And what role do I play in this enterprise? I'm the writer! Writing's much easier than the rest of the junk that goes into game-making, so I'm all over that. Everyone else has to work their asses off while I get to weave a silly tale about sex robots and dildo ninjas and the like. It's a great scam I've got going.

(Honestly, the plot is much more expansive and detailed than I probably make it sound. I wrote a scene the other day about law-wrangling, of all things.)

At any rate, if you like my storytelling abilities - or sexy cartoons flopping about on one another - I highly suggest checking it out. The Kimochi they've got running right now has a bunch of cool bonuses available to backers. Shell out enough and you'll get to have, like, actual sex in an actual brothel. Maybe.

Oh, and, uh, Mindy's coming along fine. That's a thing too.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I draw weird things.

This little guy might splooge in Mindy's face. Might.

Behold the Cure spell. All the spells in Simply Mindy are going to be at least a little naughty in nature, and this dude will bestow his curative blessings upon Mindy via jizz. Fun! He'll probably show up for a few of the white magic spells, though there are, as of this writing, four other magical summons that show up in spells as well.

He's not in the game yet. But Friday... Friday...! Patrons...!