Friday, 13 January 2017

Simply Mindy 0.2.0 / 0.4.0 Preview


Yep, I missed last week's update. IIIIIIII'm a shithead. My bad. I'll try harder to remember next time. (Though in fairness, when the time came to perform the update I hadn't done a ton of work, 'cause... other game I can't talk about yet. My life is just ruled by porn games now.)

Anyway! 0.2.0 is now live to the public. A list of the changes you can expect:

- Added several new animations: two for camwhoring, two for soldiering on the wall, one for paying the rent, and two for not paying rent. Also have Squirt buttons, because people love jizz.

 - Added a shit-ton of cut scenes that will provide more than enough context to get the plot jumpstarted.

 - Added the first of the seasonal activities, a wet t-shirt contest. It pops up automatically on the 10th of Brimstone, and you can choose whether or not you want to participate. The chances that you'll do very well in the first year are pretty low, but, hell, give it a shot anyway, yeah?
Note of caution: since the game is only supposed to last four seasons the wet t-shirt contest will only trigger four times. After that it won't (shouldn't?) activate again. Just FYI.

- Added a whole bunch of cut scene expressions to Mindy, enough to probably get through most of the game. Might add two or three more for variety.

- Added buttons that will allow you to work / learn two or more times when entering a screen, rather than having to keep going through the same animations and screen transitions over and over. 

Please note that this does not reset the animations. You'll have to exit and re-enter to get a different animation, assuming your stats change.

- Rigged up the school so it's more or less operable. Pay money, receive stat boosts from various teachers. Each of the six teachers (eventually to be eight) has ten snippets of randomly-chosen dialogue that will trigger each time you take a class. I may change them up based on the season in the future. Animations appear in the next build.

  - Added rent! Everybody loves rent! As in Soo Cubus, Mindy is charged $100 a day. This will, over time, go up, and I'll probably add different rent penalties as the game progresses. Enjoy the ridiculously low difficulty level in the meantime.
 - Changed the font. I must have done this eight or nine times before I settled on a font, and I did it mainly so it could be read properly. 

 - Added Money and Stamina to the Stats roll-out menu. These have since been reshuffled so they appear in more visible, convenient places throughout the game.

  - Added in the bare bones of the calendar system. The seasons don't do anything yet, not even aesthetically, but now you can see the names of the four seasons in their glory, as the days move forward whenever you sleep.

- Added more thought bubble dialogue for Mindy when she's idling on the main menu screen. I did not have time to shift the thought bubbles out from under the roll-out stats, nor to disable them (timed events in Stencyl are funky weird), so for the moment they're still a bit obtrusive.

- Added code that will round stats up to zero if they ever drop below, because that will happen almost right away. The only exception is Morality, for reasons. (It isn't affected by anything yet anyway.)

0.4.0 Preview

 Whew. Big list of changes. Now for the new new stuff! If you support Simply Mindy on Patreon right goddamned now, you'll get to see the following changes incorporated into Simply Mindy 0.4.0:

 - Two new jobs, with two new animations apiece
- The beginnings of the storyline system, with three NPCs jumping in on the fun - and one of them getting to bang Mindy, dependent on your choices
- Seasonal changes to stat boosts
- Revamps to the hotkey system
- Revamps to the main menu stuff
- Several bugfixes

- Automatic saving

All that and more! What're you waiting for?! Patreon! PATREON! C'mon, I need to eat! I'm hungry at this very moment, actually, so to hell with porn, I'm gonna go make a sandwich. Enjoy!

Friday, 30 December 2016

Simply Mindy 0.1.0 / 0.3.0 Preview / Slight Site Revamp

The big day has arrived, and the first public build of Simply Mindy is now online. This initial version doesn't have a hell of a lot to do - you can explore two of the jobs, get a taste for the initial animations, check out a cheeky rendition of the story (basically a lot of riffing on the fact that it was entirely incomplete as of the time of the build) and wander about in an empty dungeon.

Following builds are much, much more complete. Still, enjoy! Despite the success of Soo Cubus I'm already feeling that Simply Mindy is going to be the better game, if only because I know so much more about the game making process now. Like, a ridiculous amount more. I was much better prepared this time 'round, and I hope the end product will reflect my greater experience.

Oh, and for those who might be worried: cumshots are in the game from the beginning. I know what you want.

Simply Mindy 0.3.0 Preview

Speaking of Simply Mindy, there's a new build for it up on Patreon! For a measly two dollars you'll get a whole bunch of new shit:

- A new job: the gloryhole, complete with two new animations
- A bunch of new schooling animations, most sexy, one... well, it has moving tits, so that's something
- Hotkeys! Fucking hotkeys!
- As always, jizz

All that on top of four previously-functional jobs, a wet t-shirt contest, a shit-ton of story stuff... more jizz... yep. It's almost like it's a game, but not quite, but getting there. Savvy?

Slight Site Revamp

Because Simply Mindy has a higher resolution (960 x 640 rather than 640 x 480) I needed to change the site a bit to prevent .swf overlap with the side menu. To that end I expanded the borders and changed up the top buttons to look more pixel-y. You know, like the games I make.

I don't really like the buttons as they turned out. I'll probably draw some original art for 'em. That's a minor quibble for the moment, though, and you'll all survive with them as they are, I'm sure. Over the next few days I'll redo them. In the meantime, shout at me if the website looks funky or stupid in your browser. Might want to download the games instead if they don't look right.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Simply Mindy 0.2.0 / Christmas Stuff / Ominous Tidings

Simply Mindy

Yep. New build up on Patreon, and it's actually, like, kind of a game! Kind of! You can do things! And you can do things earlier than everyone all for the low, low price of $2! What a danged steal.

(I'm bad at pitching for myself. I know it.)

This week's Simply Mindy instalment includes the following, if you're interested:

- Four functioning jobs
- A school that kinda works
- A bunch more animations where Mindy gets sexy with things
- A wet t-shirt contest
- Some dialogue or something
- Jizz

Yup. Patreon! Click the thing at the top! You know you wanna!

Soo Cubus / Christmas

I had planned on getting down to more Soo Cubus fixes after releasing this build, but I don't think it's going to happen. My month is too busy, thanks to Christmas, and I want to make sure my patrons are getting their money's worth. I'll work on those bugs in 2017, promise. (S'not like the game is horribly, terribly, irreparably broken anyway. Just... needs fine tuning.)

I also can't work on Soo Cubus too much right now 'cause I may have been maybe pulled in to help someone else with their sex game. Like, by doing the writing. I won't say too much right now, as it's still early days, but I'll probably promote that shiznit in the days to come.

I did not go to university expecting that my writing career would take me into the sex game industry. Life is fuckin' weird.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Simply Mindy shiznit.

It is Friday, and I feel weird that I'm not putting out a build. Despite liking this new pace, it'll take some time to adjust to a bi-monthly schedule. As such, I think from now on I'll try to provide at least status updates on Fridays, so people have stuff to look at / look forward to.

A little overview. In Simply Mindy you're, obviously, playing as Mindy, a few months after the end of Soo Cubus. If you've seen the good ending of Soo Cubus you'll know where she wound up, and now she needs to come to grips with her substantially-changed circumstances.

Below are a few things of note you can expect while playing. I made short notes of a lot of them; now I will expand.

- On the bare surface the game play will be fairly similar to Soo Cubus. Three Stamina a day, earn money for rent, build stats, watch cut scenes, etc. That said there will be far more stats to juggle (ten, off the top of my head) which will be used in far more story-related scenarios than in Soo Cubus.

- There will also be less of a central story than there was in Soo Cubus. The primary goal in this one is for Mindy to get a new job for herself, so the story you pursue will change depending on the direction you drive Mindy's stats. Sounds ambitious, might be overly-so, but I relish the challenge. The plan is to have many more endings than in Soo Cubus, and all of them will be the 'official' ending, since each will see Mindy winding up with a job of sorts. Think Princess Maker, if you know that game.

- Changing seasons will play a role in statistical upgrades, as well as overall aesthetics. For example, if Mindy can't pay her rent she'll be forced out onto the street, and you'll see different animations depending on the season. She'll also get hit with different stat penalties depending on the season. There will also be a calendar with both yearly and unique events that trigger on specific days.

- RPG elements and RPG-based combat will play a larger role this time around. It was tacked on as a novelty at first in Soo Cubus, turned into a fairly major (if simplistic) mechanic, and continues to stick in my brain as a fun inclusion. The plan is to have three dungeons you can explore on foot (!!!), and at least one of them will change based on the current season, since it'll be outdoors. Elemental weaknesses and a few elemental spells will also play a role in combat, as I like Pokemon-style rock-paper-scissors combat, and learning spells will work into one of the storylines.

Here's a screenshot of a sample dungeon I was mucking about with one day. Wanted to make sure it was a feasible concept, so I drew up a simple tileset and set Mindy to wandering around. Works pretty well, all things considered, and I look forward to prettifying the thing. (Those red strands are vines. I didn't try very hard.)

- In an effort to make the backgrounds more interesting, I've separated most of them into different layers so I can animate elements of each scene separately. As such you'll see more flavour animations that will bring the world to life behind the main action. I'm hoping to change these animations based on the current season, as well, so people will be fucking in parkas during the colder months and swimwear in the warmer. Stuff like that.

I fully expect Simply Mindy to take me a hell of a lot longer than Soo Cubus to polish into a finished form. I also fully expect it to be a lot of fun in the final estimation, and I hope you all agree.

Oh, and, uh, I'm still working on Soo Cubus. Slowly. Danged game takes so long to load into Stencyl these days...

Friday, 2 December 2016

Soo Cubus Pre-Alpha 4.0 / Simply Mindy 0.1.0

Soo Cubus

Kay. First, the obvious thing: Soo Cubus 4.0, which more or less marks the end of the game's big updates. I'll still do updates, but there aren't going to be any more endings, items, new areas, or any of that shiznit. It's all polishing at this point, and damned if it doesn't still need a lot. This week's highlights:

- The last two endings, tied into a boss battle. You win, you lose, you know the drill. Unlocking this final of final bits is simple enough, I guess: snag all those damned keys. It takes some doing, but I managed it before posting this, and, by god, it is wholly possible in a single playthrough. (Though certainly not your first playthrough.) Good luck!

Please note that the final ending's achievement prize is intended to be two more galleries, but I ran out of time, and for now you just get a statistical boost. I plan to change this in the future, once the new game is well underway and I have more time to devote to Soo Cubus again.

- Changed the achievement prize for the 666 ending. Before you started with an additional $6,666; now you start with the 666 key. I decided that trying to get that ending whenever you want to get the final ending was too much of a pain in the ass. (I need to modify that cut scene a bit in the future, but for the moment you still just get that key.)

- ... honestly, that's all. The new endings kept me busier than I thought I would be. No bug fixes, alas, but there aren't any game-breaking ones that I can see anyway, so I'm not that concerned. 

Simply Mindy

New game! Yes, the first build of my second Cubus game, Simply Mindy, is now available to play on Patreon. It'll stay that way until the beginning of January, at which point this first build (little more than a demo, really, though it does have some sexy times) will go up on the devblog, similar to Soo Cubus. And so the pattern will continue.

If you've seen the 'good' ending of Soo Cubus, you'll have an inkling of where this game's going. Just an inkling. Needless to say, I intend to make it bigger, shinier, and perhaps even sexier than Soo Cubus. Huzzah!

Hiatus Kinda

The next two updates (for Simply Mindy, that is) are going to be Patreon-only, and from now on patrons will be two builds ahead rather than one. More bang for your buck, y'know? Consequently, the only updates to the devblog will be progress reports and teasers of the new game, as well as perhaps one or two builds of Soo Cubus with further bug fixes and polishing. If'n you like your sexy games free, then I guess I'll be seeing you in January, pardners.

Please note also that from this point on I'm going to release new builds every two weeks, not every week. The resulting builds should be of superior quality as a result, and my stress levels will drop substantially. Kthnks.

Oh, and I'm going to revamp the devblog. Because Simply Mindy is too big to fit into the window. It stretches across the boundaries of the damn side menu. Fie upon it for that.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Pre-Alpha 3.9 / 4.0 Preview / More Mindy Stuff.

Lotta stuff this week. Let's break it down now.

Pre-Alpha 3.9

This week's release is all about bugfixes, and thus ain't that interesting. The details:

- Changed the intro screen. I liked the concept of the original, but it was too... messy, I guess? The new one comes across as more elegant. Somehow. I don't know.

- Changed the sewer battles so you don't have to wait several seconds once you drive off a monster. A Leave button appears instead.

- Added a text box that pops up if you try to start a New Game, warning that the old save (and all related achievements) will be deleted if you proceed.

- Fixed a little bug where the exit button disappears when scrolling through Sid's gallery.

- Tidied up the status screen a bit. The sound controls have been shoved behind a button, similar to the opening screen, and there's now a box showing which ability you chose when you started the game.

- Have made Strength the 'default' ability, assuming you forget to choose an ability when you start a new game.

- Tried to add Skip buttons to several of the king scenes to speed up repeat viewings, but they lagged the hell out of the scenes and generally wreaked havoc. I unfortunately don't have enough time right now to set them to rights, but this problem should be remedied by next week, and most of the needed infrastructure is already in the code... just disabled.

- Though it's not a bug, per se, I've noticed a few people complain about not getting keys they should have earned, or certain events not triggering properly. I suspect these problems stem from the Skip button itself - Stencyl may not register variable changes in a new scene for a split second upon entering that scene, and I think players who are going through the game for a second, third, fourth, fifth, however many times, are hitting the button too quickly.

I assume this is a Stencyl thing that I can't really change myself. My plan is to eventually go through and change the scenes a bit so the Skip button isn't created for about two seconds, allowing the variables that get altered at the beginning to do their thing. Until then, I recommend not spamming the Skip button too hardcore. Give the scene half a moment to load properly.

Yep. No monumental changes. I was too busy to go nuts last week.

4.0 Preview

This week's Patreon release is much more interesting, as it includes the final two endings, as well as a slight tweak to one of the achievements. The two endings are the hardest to get by far, 'cause, hey, you needed some kinda reward for collecting all those damned keys. 
Also, something looking like this might be involved. Maybe.

Mindy Stuff

The release of the new game's first build is just a week off for patrons, and I figured I would share another little look at what to expect. I give to you a little preview of the status screen!

As you can see, this game is going to feature far more stats than Soo Cubus, allowing players to customize their Mindy to a much greater degree. This will lead to a planned forty different endings (by comparison, Soo Cubus has a mere eighteen, last I checked), which should drive you completionists fuckin' batty.

A few other things to expect:

- RPG-style combat, more robust than Soo Cubus, with explorable dungeons
- A season system that will change stat accumulation and some of the scenes
- Lots of goofy storytelling tied into a large number of branching stories, depending on how you proceed through the game
- Sex

Might sound like I'm overselling some of the features - never wise, in this post-No Man's Sky world - but I'm pretty sure I can make it all work with my current skillset. Lookin' forward to the new challenge, and to your reactions to what is coming.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Pre-Alpha 3.8

The slowing down continues, as I'm shifting more and more attention to the new game. Highlights:

 - Added a new potential ending. This one can gift you with a key if you get through it, and the key itself is a clue as to what you need to do. Might have to zoom in to see it properly. (Someone suggested an ending along these lines ages ago. It's incredibly specific, and I anticipate many questions about it in the future.)

- Changed the College, Pub, and Gym somewhat. Rather than having money subtracted when entering from the city screen you jump into the location for free, and you can decide whether you want to get a +1, a +2, or a +3 stat upgrade. +2 costs $500; +3 costs $1,000.

There is still a chance when doing this that you'll trigger the 'bonus' animations that cost zero dollars, though I've removed the stipulation that you need to have a particular ability to trigger the animation. I would ultimately like to make this a bit more robust (and maybe replace some of the animations, 'cause I don't like them that much anymore).

 - Changed up the explosion animation. It used to look rather shitty. Now it does not.

 - If Amelia shacked up with the landlord and she was one of your lovers previously (not via dating, the other, harder way) you would simply lose her as an option. Now she'll regain her lover status after she, uh, 'ditches' the landlord.

 - The Chr ability animation for the alley now removes Stamina, just as it should. Dagnabbit, will I ever be done with those stupid animations?

 - The sewers properly display a message after returning from a battle, where there was previously an empty text box.

 - You can no longer clickspam the sewer 'end of the line' prizes for increased bonus stats. I don't know why the engine is being so dumb about removing the buttons, but you may experience about a second of lag after you make your choice. Trying to find a way to eliminate this, but for the moment at least you are restricted to a single stat bump, as intended.

The bug hunt continues, and next week / this week's Patreon is a bug hunt period. I need to make more headway on the new game, as I didn't get a whole lot done on it this week. The cut scene for the new ending ate up way too much time, thanks to Stencyl's constant refusal to cooperate. ... or my lack of programming skill. I'm improving, though...

Anyway. Two more endings to go, and one of them will be epic, I promise. Enjoy!